HAST Swimmers Heat up the Pools in June Meets

Posted by Chasi May on Aug 07 2018 at 08:36AM PDT

The Hastings Area Swim Team attended four meets in the month of June. At those meets swimmers brought some heat in the form of fast swims.
June 1-3, 2018: HAST attended the Piranhas Summer Chomp Swim Meet at the outdoors Richfield Municipal Pool. 44 HAST swimmers teamed up to achieve the following ‘new times: CH-1, A-2, BB-3, B-12, C-6.
The swimmer of the meet was Mari Hall. She swam six out of six best times; cutting more than 15 seconds overall and achieved a new BB time in the 50 Backstroke.
June 15, 2018: HAST attended the SHRK Southern Alliance Conference C/Pre C Meet at the Levi Dodge MS Pool in Farmington, MN. 13 HAST swimmers achieved the following ‘new’ times: C-7.
The swimmer of the meet was Jacob Barker. He swam three out of three best times and achieved his first C time in the 100 Backstroke.
June 19, 2018: Nine HAST swimmers attended the Piranhas Quad Meet at the Richfield MS Pool where they achieved the following ‘new’ times: CH-1, C-1.
The swimmer of the meet was Emma Dehmlow. She cut over 18 seconds in all her events and achieved her 1st ever CHAMP time in the 50 Butterfly.
June 23-24, 2018: 48 HAST swimmer traveled to Eau Claire, WI to attend the Fairfax Outdoor Swim Meet at the Fairfax Outdoor 50m Pool. Together they achieved the following ‘new’ times: CH-3, BB-8, B-2, C-4. HAST finished 1st with 2,239points. 20 different swim teams from MN & WI competed at this meet.
The swimmer of the meet was Micah Benner. Micah swam six out of six best times; cutting just over 114 seconds from his events. His determination earned him a new C time in the 100 backstroke event.

New CHAMP times:
Emma Dehmlow-7 50 Fly
Lauren Jenkins-12 800 Free
Sofia Kovalenko-9 50 Fly
Nathan LeMay-14 100 Back
Ashtyn Stewart-12 200 Back

New A times:
Kira Aarness-11 400 IM
Dylan Purrington-14 800 Free

New BB times:
Emelia Berg-10 50 Free, 100 Free
Clara Birken-12 100 Brst
Ella Carlson-10 100 Back, 50 Brst
Mari Hall-9 50 Back
Natalie Knutson-10 200 Free
Hogan Lawson-17 200 Back, 200 Brst
Natalie Ptacek-11 50 Free
Avery Stoffel-14 100 Brst

New B times:
Andi Carlson-9 100 Back
Jeremy Cory-12 50 Free, 200 Free, 400 Free, 100 Back, 100 Brst
William Cory-9 100 Free
Mari Hall-9 50 Back
Blake Harre-16 200 Back
Hogan Lawson-17 200 Fly
Natalie Ptacek-11 200 IM
Reese Ptacek-12 100 Back
Annika Ries-9 50 Free, 200 IM
Mary Schalk-9 100 Brst
Taylor Schmaltz-12 50 Fly
Isabella Schneider-9 100 Back, 50 Back
Brandon Schwartz-13 200 Brst

New C times:
Jacob Barker-10 100 Back
Joe Everson-15 200 Fly
Douglas Flynn-13 100 Free, 100 Back, 100 Brst
Isabel Green-11 200 Back
Samuel Green-9 100 Brst
Jackson Harre-13 100 Back
Afton LeMay -11 200 Back
Mitchell LeMay-13 200 Brst
Kaitlin OTool-18 200 Brst
Natalie Ptacek-11 100 Fly
Mary Schalk-9 100 Back
Russel Schalk-9 50 Back, 50 Brst
Garrett Watterson-11 50 Brst, 200 IM, 200 Brst


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