HAST Swims Scary Fast in October

Posted by Chasi May on Nov 14 2018 at 11:11AM PST

The Hastings Area Swim Team swimmers found early success in the Fall/Winter Short Course Season during the first three swim meets.

On October 13-14, sixteen HAST swimmers traveled to Duluth to attend the LSSC Fall Fling at the Lincoln park MS Pool. At the meet swimmers achieved the following new times: BB-3, B-3, C -2.

Earning the HAST swimmer of the meet was Isabella Schneider. Isabella swam six out of seven best times, cutting more than 16 seconds overall. She earned new B times in the 50 & 100 Freestyle races and a new C time in the 50 Butterfly.

On October 25th, twenty-two HAST swimmers competed at the STRM C/PreC meet at the Kenwood Trail MS Pool– Lakeville, MN. HAST swimmers teaming up to achieve the following new times: BB-3, C-6.

The HAST swimmer of the meet was Ella Bloomquist. Ella swam two out of three best times earning a new B time in the 200 Freestyle and a new C time in the 100 Backstroke.

On October 27-28, forty-eight HAST Swimmers attended the NRTS Annual Boowater Spooktacular at the Bluewater Aquatic Center, Apple Valley, MN. Together they achieve the following new times: CH-1, A-3, BB-10, B-9, C-26.

The HAST swimmer of the meet was Annabelle Ellsworth. Annabelle swam six out of six best times, cutting over 34 seconds in all. She achieved new C times in the 100 Freestyle, 50 Butterfly, 200 Individual Medley, 50 Breaststroke, and the 100 Backstroke.

New CHAMP times:
James Jensen-9 50 Fly

New A times:
Emma Dehmlow-8 50 Free, 50 Brst, 100 IM

New BB times:
Chloe Aarness-9 50 Back
Kira Aarness-12 50 Brst
Emelia Berg-10 50 Fly, 100 IM
Clara Birken-12 100 IM
Tristan Herbst -10 100 Free
Tyson Kalinowski-15 100 IM
Sofia Kovalenko-10 50 Free, 100 Back
Josephine Larson-11 100 Back
Mitchell LeMay-13 100 IM
Natalie Ptacek – 11 50 Free, 100 Brst

New B times:
Ella Bloomquist-8 200 Free
Andi Carlson-9 100 Fly, 200 IM
Adam Duer -13 100 Free
Emma Ellsworth-10 50 Free, 100 Free
Isabel Green-11 100 Free
Josephine Larson-11 500 Free
Natalie Ptacek-11 500 Free
Annika Ries-9 100 Brst
Lila Salzman-9 100 Back
Isabella Schneider-9 50 Free, 100 Free, 50 Fly, 100 IM

New C times:
Jacob Barker -10 50 Brst, 100 Brst
Ella Bloomquist-8 100 Back
Ella Carlson-11 200 Back, 100 Free, 200 IM
Emma Carter-13 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free, 100 IM
Adam Duer-13 200 Fly, 500 Free
Annabelle Ellsworth-11 100 IM, 100 Free, 50 Brst, 100 Back, 50 Fly, 200 IM
Emma Ellsworth-10 50 Brst
Douglas Flynn-13 500 Free, 200 Back, 100 Brst, 200 Brst
Oliver Gergen-11 200 Back
Jackson Harre-13 200 Back, 200 Fly
Eloise Prettyman-8 50 Back
Mary Schalk-9 100 Back
Taylor Schmaltz-13 100 Free, 200 Free
Isabella Schneider-9 50 Fly, 100 Fly
Cody Stewart-8 50 Free, 100 Free


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