HAST Results OCT 2020

Posted by Chasi May on Dec 09 2020 at 07:37AM PST

The Hastings Area Swim Team (HAST) has been busy throughout the month of October. HAST hosted three meets at the Hastings Middle School Pool. The swimmers proved through efforts and results they were ready to break out and race.

On October 9, Team Shark, Novice, and Age Group swimmers swam in the 2020 HAST FR/BA non-sanctioned Virtual Meet. Those 21 HAST swimmers competed at this meet, teaming up to achieve the following new times: 2-GOLD, 3-SLVR, and 5-BRNZ.

The swimmer of the meet was Carter Herbst. Carter took some time off during the summer and came back determined. He swam fast, earning a Silver time in the 50 Backstroke and a BRNZ time in the 50 Freestyle.

On October 15 39 HAST swimmer competed in the AQJT Splash into Fall Virtual Meet. The team swam at the Hastings Middle School Pool and their times where combined, via computer, with 4 other teams: AQJT, EDI, RSC, SCSC. At this meet, they achieved the following new times: 6-GOLD, 11-SLVR, 7-BRNZ

The swimmer of the meet was Damion Charpentier. He swam three out of three best times, earning new BRNZ times in the 50 Freestyle and the 200 Breaststroke. Damion has been challenged a lot in his new workout group and it is paying off.

The swim team hosted the* HAST Halloween Intra Squad Meet* on October 31. 54 HAST swimmers competed at this meet, achieve the following new times: 1-CH, 11-GOLD, 5-SLVR, and 9-BRNZ.

The swimmer of the meet was+ Nora Salzman+. Nora swam three out of three best times; cutting just over 35 seconds overall. She earned two new GOLD times in the 100 Freestyle and 100 Individual Medley, and a new CHAMP time in the 50 Butterfly.

New CHAMP Times:
Nora Salzman(8) 50 Fly

New GOLD Times:
Kira Aarness(14) 100 Brst; Jaob Barker(12) 200 Back; Emelia Berg(12) 100 Back, 100 Fly; Mason Darling(14) 200 Free, 200 IM, 400IM; Matthew Glenna(16) 100Fly; Tristan Herbst(12) 100 Free, 100 Brst; James Jensen(11) 200 Baqck, 200 Brst, 200 Fly; Philip Jensen(16) 200 Free; Luren Krause(12) 200 Brst; Nora Slazman(8) 100 Free, 100 IM;

New SLVR Times:
Ben Barker(10) 50 Free; Alliah Clark(9) 200 IM; Jeremy Cory(15) 100 Free, 100 Back; Mari Hall(11) 200 Back; Ellianna Herrera-Carlson(12) 100 Brst, 100 Fly; Jaren Kihima(10) 100 Free; Eloise Prettyman(10) 50 Free, 100 Free; Lila Salzman(11) 200 BACK; Isaac Schalk(14) 100 Fly; Mary Schalk(11) 50 Free, 100 Free, 100 Brst; Parker Stuber(10) 50 Brst, 50 Fly; Cater Herbst(8) 50 Back; George Jensen(8) 100 Back; Jaren Kihima(10) 50 Back; Nora Salzman(8) 50 Free, 50 Back;

New BRNZ Times:
Lean Bauer(8) 50 Back; Liliana Burks(9) 100 Free, Auriana Deusterman(12) 100 Back; Ellie Imdeke(13) 200 IM; Jaren Kihima(10) 50 Free, 50 Back; Lily Meir(12) 100 Fly; Annika Ries(11) 200 Brst; Ava Santamaria(11) 100 Free; Russell Schalk(11) 100 Free, Parker Stueber(10) 5o Free, 50 Back


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