HAST Results JAN 2021

Posted by Chasi May on Mar 02 2021 at 05:01PM PST

The Hastings Area Swim Team had the pleasure of hosting two meets in January at the Hastings Middle School Pool. First was the HAST Intra Squad Meet on January 21st. 53 HAST swimmers competed at this meet, teaming up to achieve the following new times: 1-CH, 4-GOLD, 5-SLVR, and 8 -BRNZ.

The swimmer of the meet was Ella Langness. Ella is new to the team this season. She is a very well-rounded new swimmer and a student of the sport. Impressively, Ella cut over 10 seconds in her events and earned a new Bronze time in the 50 Breaststroke.

The second meet hosted by HAST was the HAST Winter IMX Meet vs SCSC on January 30-31. This was a dual meet with the St. Croix Swim Club. Swimmers were ranked based on power points they earned in correlation to their times. Power point trophy winners from HAST were George Jensen(8) and Ashtyn Stewart(14).

The following new times were achieved by the 60 HAST swimmers who attended this meet: 7-
Earning swimmers of the meet were Emma Dehmlow and Annabelle Brown. Annabelle had some major time drops, dropping just over 29 seconds total. In the 50
Breaststroke she cut over 16 seconds and earned a new Bronze time. She also earned a new Bronze time in the 50 Backstroke.

Emma swam six out of six best times at the meet, cutting 34 seconds overall. She earned 2 new Champ times in the 100 Freestyle and the 50 Breaststroke. New

CHAMP Times:
Ben Barker(10) 100 Back; Emma Dehmlow(10) 100 Free, 50 Brst; Tristan Herbst(12) 200 Fly,
400 IM; George Jensen(8) 50 Free, 100 Free

New GOLD Times:
Garson Aarness(10) 100 Free. 50 Fly; Jacob Barker(12) 100 Brst; Thomas Foss(11) 50 Brst,
200 Fly; Tristan Herbst(12) 200 Brst; James Jensen(11) 100 Brst; Lila Salzman(11) 200 Free,
500 Free; Isaac Schalk(14) 400 IM: Cody Stewart(10) 50 Back

New SLVR Times:
Chloe Aarness(11) 200 Back, 200 Brst; Ben Barker(10) 500 Free; Jacob Barker(12) 200 Brst, 500 Free; Micah Benner(14) 100 Fly; Gabri Clark(10) 500 Free; Oscar Green(10) 50 Fly, 100 Fly; Mari Hall (11) 200 Brst, 50 Fly, 200 IM; Amelia Homes(8) 50 Back; Lauren Krause(13) 50 Free, 200 Brst; Jack McAlpin(10) 50 Free; Lily Meir(12) 200 Free, 100 IM; Archi O’Brien(16) 200
Fly; Eloise Prettyman(10) 500 Free, Ava Radel(14) 100 Fly; 100 Brst; Annika Ries(11) 100 IM;
Lila Salzman(11) 200 Brst; Nora Salzman(8) 50 Brst; Mary Schalk(11) 200 Free, 200 Brst;
Russel Schalk(11) 200 Brst; Taylor Schmaltz(15) 200 Baxk, 400 IM; Cody Stewart(10) 500
Free; Parker Stueber(10) 100 Brst, 100 Fly

New BRNZ Times:
Annabelle Brown(8) 50 BACK, 50 Brst; Kaylynn Holmbo(11) 100 Free, 100 Brst, 100 IM; Amelia
Homes(8) 50 Free: Ellie Imdieke(13) 100 Brst; Lilianna Morris(15) 200 Back; Russel Schalk(11) 200 Free, 500 Free, 200 Back; Parker Stueber(10) 100 Back; Brody Stutz(13) 200 Brst; Abby Waits(10) 50 Free, 200 Free, 50 Back 100 Back


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