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This HAST KID swimmer shoutout goes to Ethan Anderson!!

Yesterday, we had a challenging set during practice and Ethan was so uplifting and positive towards his teammates! His encouraging words and actions also carried over into his own swimming and helped him to swim some crazy fast sprints during the set!!

After practice, Ethan went out of his way to ask the coaches if they needed help cleaning up and did so with a positive & cheerful attitude!

Way to be a leader, Ethan! We appreciate your effort to make our team stronger! Keep it up!

Gertens Holiday Greens Fundraiser

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Billing INFO for HAST Swim Families

Posted by Chasi May at Aug 17, 2018 4:13PM PDT

Billing INFO for HAST Swim Families

Log in to the swimportal below to see your orders and payments.

Bookmark the swimportal as well.

For those paying dues monthly in the new system please go to the swimportal and make your ex. October 1st payment. If you have not set up for automatic payments you will need to log in every month and make your payment manually. Until the October payment is made, that amount is added to the Nov 1 payment. We are still learning the timing of things in the new system. We now we need to receive payments by the first of every month or set up for automatic payments which will occur on the 1st of every month.

To opt into automatic monthly payments, please follow the guide linked below:

My Wallet – Add or Change Payment Information in Swim Portal:

If paying by check verify the amount online and mail a check to:

HAST, PO Box 573, Hastings, MN 55033 or to Andy Jensen, 3528 Greten Lane Hastings, MN 55033. Thank you for your patience and assistance with the new system.

Feel free to direct any questions to

Welcome to the HAST Website!

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Please bookmark this page and check back for all of your HAST information.