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HAST is seeking swimmers who are at least age 6-years-old, love to swim, are comfortable playing in deep water, and can swim at least 25 yards.

Due to COVID-19 we need parents to fill out this Google Form to set up an appointment for your child to TRYOUT. A HAST coach will contact you to setup a time to evaluate your child’s swimming skills at the HMS Pool. The earliest HAST tryouts will occur is the week of 9.14.20

Due to COVID-19 our current HAST Return to the Pool Plan does not allow parents into the HMS building.


• Please come prepared! Swimmers must be wearing swimsuit under clothes. Bring towel, goggles, swim cap or have hair tied to keep hair out of face.
• 5 minutes prior to your scheduled HAST Tryout a HAST coach will meet the parent/swimmers outside HMS pool/gym door. Everyone must be wearing a mask.
• Each swimmer will be screened prior to entering the building: temperature check / questioned for COVID-19 symptoms. (Please stay home if your child or anyone in family has symptoms or if anyone in your family has been in contact with someone that has COVID-19 symptoms: Fever, chills, shortness of breath, new: cough, sore throat, muscle aches, headache, &/or loss of smell/taste.)
• A HAST coach will lead swimmer into the HMS pool for their TRYOUT, (15-20min).
• Afterwards that coach will lead the swimmer out of the building to communicate with his/her parents as to which HAST swim level to register their child for.

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HAST Competes at MN SCY Senior State Swim Meet

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The Hastings Area Swim Team competed at the Minnesota SCY Senior State on March 5-8.
The meet was held at the Jean K Freeman Aquatic Center at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

There 14 HAST swimmers competed, teaming up to set an astonishing 12 new HAST Team Records, and following new time: 2- Futures, 2 Speedo, and 1 Zone. The HAST team scored 260 points, finishing 6th place in class AA, and 16th place overall out of 48 teams entered.

Those swimmers that placed in the top 24 earned team points. HAST individuals scoring at state meet: Kendal Jenkins(15) 22nd 200 Back; Philip Jensen(16) 6th 200 Back, 8th 100 Back; Dylan Purrington(16) 6th 200 Brst, 15th 100 IM; Kiya Riley(17) 10th 200 brst, 20th 100 brst, 20th 200 IM.

HAST relays scoring at the state meet earned double points for the team.
Scoring on the men’s side; the relay team comprised of Philip Jensen, Dylan Purrington, Devin Schwartz, and Nathan LeMay placed 11th in the Senior Men 200 Medley Relay & 16th in the Senior Men 400 Medley Relay. The Senior Men 800 Free Relay consisting of Matt Glenna, Philip Jensen, Tyson Kalinowski, Brandon Schwartz took 15th; and in 20th place was the Senior Men 400 Free Relay & 200 Free Relay swam by Matt Glenna, Philip Jensen, Nathan LeMay, Devin Schwartz.

Scoring for the women’s relays; the Senior Women 800 Free Relay of Jenna Gutterman, Kendal Jenkins, Ava McNamara, and Kiya Riley took 15th; and the Senior Women 400 Medley Relay: Kendal Jenkins, Kiya Riley, Ava McNamara, and Lauren Glenna took 19th overall.

Four team members broke seven individual HAST team records:
Philip Jensen(16) 15-16 Boys 50 BACK 24.55, Senior Men 50 BACK 24.55; Dylan Purrington(16) 15-16 Boys 200 BRST 2:06.18, Senior Men 200 BRST 2:06.18; Kiya Riley(17) 17-18 Girls 200 BRST 2:23.78, Senior Women 200 BRST 2:23.78; Devin Schwartz(16) 15-16 Boys 50 FLY 24.54.

Five new team relay records were set, also:
15-16 Boys 800 Free Relay 7:29.26: Matt Glenna, Philip Jensen, Tyson Kalinowski, Brandon Schwartz; 15-16 Boys & Senior Men 400 Medley Relay & SR Men 3:36.17: Philip Jensen, Dylan Purrington, Devin Schwartz, Nathan LeMay; 15-16 Boys & Senior Men 200 Medley Relay 1:36.79: Philip Jensen, Dylan Purrington, Devin Schwartz, Nathan LeMay

New Future Times:
Dylan Purrington(16) 200 Brst; Philip Jensen(16) 100 Back

New Speedo Sectional Times:
Philip Jensen(16) 200 Back; Kiya Riley(17) 200 Brst

New Zone Time:
Ava McNamara(14) 100 Brst

Other HAST swimmers competing in Individuals events were Ava McNamara, Tyson Kalinowski, Nathan LeMay, Brandon Schwartz, Devin Schwartz, and Caleb Urban. Another relay only swimmer included Mitchell LeMay.

HAST Preservers Through Finals

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The Hastings Area Swim Team attended the Minnesota Achievement Championships on February 22-23 at the Northfield Middle School Pool in Northfield, MN. Twenty-five HAST swimmers competed at this meet, teaming up to achieve the following new times: 2-GOLD, 39-SLVR, and 2-BRNZ.

The swimmer of the meet was Garson Aarness with six out of six best times during his first season on the team. Garson earned two new GOLD times (50 & 200 Freestyle events) and three new SLVR times (100 Individual Medley, 50 & 100 Backstroke events).

On February 28 through March 1, HAST competed at the Minnesota Regional Championships.
The Rochester Swim Club hosted this meet at the Rochester Rec Center Natatorium. Sixty HAST swimmers competed at this meet, achieving the following new times: 1-TR, 3-Z, 22-CHAMP, 22-GOLD.

The swimmer of the meet was Kiya Riley. Kiya swam seven out of seven best times. She earned two new CHAMP times one in the 400 Individual Medley and in the 200 Butterfly.

New HAST Team Record:
1:42.41, 13-14 Girls 200-yard Freestyle Relay: Kira Aarness, Clara Birken, Lauren Jenkins, Ava McNamara

New ZONE Times:
Ava McNamara(14) 50 Free, 100 Free; Ashtyn Stewart(13) 1000 Free

New CHAMP Times:
Kira Aarness(13) 400 IM; Emelia Berg(11) 400 IM; Aliah Clark(8) 50 Free; Adam Duer(14) 200 Fly; Isabel Gree(12) 200 Fly; Tristan Herbst(12) 200 Free, 100 Back; Kendal Jenkins(15) 200 Fly; George Jensen(7) 50 Brst; Philip Jensen(16) 100 IM; Tyson Kalinowski(16) 100IM; Sofia Kovalenko(11) 200 Free; Josephine Larson(13) 100 Fly; Ava McNamara(14) 100 Back; Dylan Purrington(16) 50 Free, 100 Free; Kiya Riley(17) 200 Fly, 400 IM; Lila Salzman(10) 200 Free,
Ashtyn Stewart(13) 500 Free, 100 Brst, 200 Brst

New GOLD Times:
Garson Aarness(9) 50 Free, 200 Free, 50 Back; Ethan Anderson(15) 100 Free, 200 Back; Ben Barker(9) 200 IM; Jacob Barker(11) 100 Back; Emelia Berg(11) 100 Free, 50 Brst; Jocelyn Brink(17) 200 Fly; Evan darling(16) 200 Brst; Adam Duer(14) 100 Back, 200 Back, 100 IM; Matthew Glenna(15) 200 Back, 200 Fly; Samuel Green(10) 50 Brst; Jenna Gutterman(17) 100 Free; Josephine Larson(13) 100 Back; Mary Schalk(10) 50 Brst; Russel Schalk(10) 100 Brst, 200 IM; Taylor Schmaltz(14) 200 Free, 100 Fly; Cody Stewart(9) 200 Free, 50 Fly

New SLVR Times:
Garson Aarness(9) 50 Back, 100 Brst, 100 IM; Ben Barker(9) 50 Back; Jacob Barker(11) 100 Free, 100 Brst; 50 Fly; Gabri Clark(9) 100 Back; Oscar Green(9)100 Free, 50 Back, 50 Fly; Elianna Herrera-Carlson(11) 100 Free, 200 Brst, 50 Fly, 100 IM; Sadie Hilgers(10) 50 Back, 50 Brst, 100 Im, 200 IM; Jaren Kihima(9) 100 Back; Lauren Krause(12) 100 Free, 200 IM; Isabela Larson(12) 50 Free,100 Brst; Amelia Miller(12) 100 Free, 50 Back, 100 Back, 100 IM; Chase Reinardy(9) 50 Back; Nora Salzman(7) 50 Free, 100 Free, 50 Back; Isaac Schalk(13) 200 Back, 200 Fly, 100 IM; Russel Schalk(10) 100 Free, 50 Back, 100 Back; Taylor Schmaltz(14) 100 Brst;

New BRNZ Times:
Ava Santamaria(11) 50 Back, 100 Back

HAST Success Prior to Finals

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The Hastings Area Swim Team had a successful February leading to the Finals towards the end of the season. On February 8-10 sixteen HAST swimmers competed at the PRHN Winter Whiteout Swim Meet at the Richfield Middle School Pool, Richfield, MN.

Together, the swimmers teamed up to achieve the following new times: 4-GOLD, 11-SLVR, and 5-BRNZ. The swimmer of the meet was Cody Stewart. Stewart earned two new Gold times (50 Butterfly, 200 Freestyle). He swam five out of six best times, cutting just a little more than 27 seconds overall.

Twenty-Four HAST swimmers competed at the Vince Herring Classic on February 14-16.
The Rochester Swim Club hosted this meet at the Rochester Rec. Center, Rochester, MN.
The HAST Swimmers earned the following new times: 4-HAST Team Records, 2-ZONE, 10-CHAMP, and 14-GOLD

The swimmer of the meet honors belongs to Josephine Larson. Larson swam eight out of eight best times. She earned her first Champ Time, after ageing up to the 13-14 Age Group, in the 200 Butterfly. In addition, Josephine achieved new Gold Times in the 400 I.M, 50 Freestyle, 100 Individual Medley. Overall, she cut just more than 25 seconds.

New HAST Team Records:
Thomas Foss(10),10&Under Boys 50 Back 31.86, 10&Under Boys 100 Back 1:08.74; Kiya Riley(17) 17-18 Girls 200 BRST 2:25.36, Senior Womens 200 BRST 2:25.36, .

New ZONE Times:
Thomas Foss(10) 100 Fly, Ashtyn Stewart(13) 200 Back

New CHAMP Times:
Emelia Berg(11) 500 Free; Emma Dehmlow(9) 100 Fly; George Jensen(7) 50 Fly, 100 IM; Sofia Kovalenko(11) 100 Fly, 200 IM; Josephine Larson(13) 200 Fly; Ava McNamara(14) 200 IM; Lila Salzman(10) 50 Fly, 100IM

New GOLD Times:
Emelia Berg(11) 100IM; Cara Birken(14) 100IM; Jocelyn Brink(17) 200 Back; Isabel Green(12) 100 Back; Samuel Green(10) 200 IM; Jenna Gutterman(17) 200 Fly, 100 IM; Kaylee Hunt(14) 100IM; Josephine Larson(13) 50 Free, 100 Back, 100 IM; Annika Ries(10) 100IM, Lila Salzman(10) 50 Fly; Mary Schalk(10) 50 Brst; Cody Stewart(9) 200 Free, 50 Fly

New SLVR Times:
Jacob Barker(11) 50 Fly; Damion Charpentier(12) 50 Brst; Oscar Green(9) 200 Free, 100 Back; Jaren Kihima(9) 50 Brst, 100 Brst, 200IM; Lauren Krause(12) 200 Brst, 100 IM; Lily Meier(11) 200 Brst, 200 IM

New BRNZ Times:
Damion Charpentier(12) 100 Free, 100IM; Ava Santamaria(10) 200 Free, 100 Brst, 200 IM