Posted by Hastings Area Swim Team on Nov 21 2021 at 02:13PM PST

The 1st shoutout goes to Philip Jensen!!

Philip showed great kindness towards another teammate who had collided with him during an all out sprint set last week. He kept his cool and didn’t make a big deal out of it!

He was also tough enough to get back in and continue to kick through our intense sprinting set, even with a pretty gnarly injury!! Way to preserve, Philip!

The 2nd shoutout goes to Alliah Clark!!

Our N/AG Swimmers had dryland on Friday last week before jumping in the pool and Alliah was kind enough to cheer on and encourage her teammates as they finished up some running!

Alliah, thank you for thinking of others and being so uplifting towards your teammates! They appreciate it and so do your coaches! Keep it up!

Way to go, Philip and Alliah!


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