Posted by Hastings Area Swim Team on May 16 2022 at 09:09PM PDT


This week we have 2 shoutouts!

The 1st goes to Zoe Ptacek! Zoe persevered through some tough emotions during last weekend’s meet.

She wasn’t feeling too excited about racing and had to work through some strong feelings, but she turned her attitude around and was able to enjoy racing and spending time with her teammates at the meet!

Zoe, it was really impressive to see you rally after feeling down and embrace being a swimmer on our team! Way to go!

The 2nd shoutout goes to Adam Duer!

Adam also swam at the meet last weekend and his truly gentle spirit and kind actions towards another swimmer really stood out to his coaches!

Adam stepped up big time to help a younger teammate out during the meet! He helped this teammate to their lane before they raced and even went above and beyond to cheer for his teammate during their races!

His support meant a lot to his teammate and really impressed us!! Keep it up, Adam!


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